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Pulleys and Guide Rollers
Pulleys and Guide Rollers
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For the annealing of wire during the wire drawing process materials like nickel, steel and copper alloys have proven to be suitable for highly stressed wear components. During extensive test runs and trials we have tested different material combinations and surface structures. Test results are constantly incorporated into the development of new products. We supply cylinders, contact bands and rings for resistance annealers in wire drawing machines as per OEM specifications; i.e. Niehoff, Henrich, SAMP, Syncro, Watson/Kinrei, Zumbach and others. Our nickel coated steel hubs and cylinders are a competitively priced alternative to solid nickel tubes. Our quality is cost effective – give us a try!

Annealing Hubs for Multiwire

  • steel tube, precision turned, nickel coated
  • highest surface quality, high-polish nickel coating
  • precise fit and functional safety
  • standard sizes in stock
  • special coatings on request
  • special hubs for RM140. RM120 thin wall hubs for Niehoff

Contact rollers, contact disc, annealing roller

  • short-circuit roller, guide rollers for induction annealers
  • heat resistant copper alloy
  • profiled rollers per customer specs
  • copper rollers, contact discs for resistance annealers
  • precise profiles
  • plastic bearing hubs optional

Annealing Rings, contact rings

  • polished nickel coated steel rings
  • copper rings, coating optional


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